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Aqueous component cleaning table type 1240 RVS-W/E

Benefits water and soap in comparison with solvent

Our water based component cleaning tables are an ideal alternative to conventional solvent component cleaning tables.

Using water with soap gives important advantages in comparison with the use of solvent:

  • No risk of fire, thanks to the use of water.
  • Biodegradable soap, so no waste problems.
  • Absolutely odor free. Most of the solvents require a suction system.
  • Lower operating costs through the use of water.
  • More pleasant for the user, no harmful vapors, better for the hands.
  • Better drying, since work is done at 40 °C.


The aqueous component cleaning table type 1240 RVS-W/E is used for the quick cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts with aqueous cleaners. The cleaning of the parts is done manually by means of a cleaning brush with cleaning product and foot pedal. Recommended product for the degreasing of your parts: LX 2025.

Manual cleaning of mechanical parts with aqueous cleaners

The fluid pump, which is operated by the foot pedal, let the cleaning product circulate through the cleaning brush. The more powerful the operator pushes on the foot pedal, the more liquid is circulated through the cleaning brush to clean the parts.

Electrically heated

The aqueous component cleaning table type 1240 RVS-W/E is electrically heated. The parts are cleaned manually with an aqueous cleaning product. The heating is controlled by means of a thermostat, which, in function of the delivery, controls the correct temperature. The heating element has a power of 1850 Watt and is equipped with a level security. The level security automatically switches off the heating in the absence of liquid. Due to this, the heating element is protected.

Integrated oil separator

An oil separator is standard integrated in a CTEC aqueous component cleaning table. This integrated oil separator separates the oil from the liquid, so that one can clean and degrease the parts longer with the cleaning product (= economical consumption of the cleaning product).

Product specifications

  • From stock.
  • Execution: stainless steel.
  • A drum of 60 or 200 litres with degreaser can be placed under the working platform.
  • The cleaning product can be replaced easily and quickly. Also very economical in consumption.
  • When the operator removes the working platform, the dirty parts can soak in the component cleaning table.
  • The working platform is made of closed U-shaped profiles. Advantage: less evaporation.
  • Several options are possible: wheelretainer, vapour exhaustion, higher splash walls, compressed air pistol, closed execution, removable turntable ...

Technical data

  • Working surface: 1240 x 765 mm
  • Working height: 850 mm
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Container capacity: 60 L.
  • Grate load: 250 kg
  • Capacity: 8 L./min.
  • Connection: 230 V
  • Material thickness: 2 mm
  • Heating capacity: 1,85 kW
  • Magnetical driven centrifugal pump
  • Regulable heating
Watergedragen onderdelenreinigingstafel type 1240 RVS-W/E

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