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CTEC AK is a granulate for the absorption of liquids, oil, fuel, chemicals and emulsions. In short, it is an absorption granule.

The absorption grain CTEC AK can be used wherever the floors and surfaces are contaminated by fluids.

Product specifications

  • After use of the absorption grain CTEC AK, the residue is easy to remove.
  • Has a particularly high absorbency.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Can be used preventive for the absorption of oil, fuel and other liquid contaminants.
  • Works very well for hydraulic oils, solvents, fuel and water.
  • Also ideal for use on public roads.
  • Available per pallet of 40 bags of 25 L.

Instructions for use

  • Put some absorption grain CTEC AK on the spilled dirt and/or liquid.
  • Let it react and absorb until all of the liquid is absorbed by the product.
  • After this, the dirt can easily be swept and removed with a broom or brush.

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