CTEC c1.01


CTEC c1.01 is an aqueous cleaner to decalcify and clean all ferrous metals in a spray pressure cleaning machine, wash tunnel or brush cleaning machine. In short, it is suitable for use in a machine with a strong agitation.

This degreaser is also suitable as a machine cleaner. When a cleaning machine has worked with tap water for years, it gets deposits of lime, minerals, salts, and residues from the chemistry that is used inside the machine. By filling the machine tank with pure water and a suitable concentration CTEC c1.01 and by running the machine for a few hours, it will look good as new after a while.

Product specifications

  • Low temperature: no dirt or lime is deposited. Advantage: the lifespan of the machine will be prolonged.
  • Safe for the user: CTEC c1.01 has a very high biodegradability.
  • Cost saving: through the de-emulsifying effect of this degreaser one gets a longer lifespan of the machine, less maintenance, less wastewater and a better wash quality. The low temperature ensures a lower energy and water consumption and better working conditions.
  • pH: 0,1 (acidic degreaser).
  • Color: transparent liquid.
  • Available in drums of 28 kg or 224 kg and containers of 1050 kg.

Instructions for use

  • Fill the washing bath for 80 % with water.
  • Heat the bath at a temperature of 45 °C.
  • Add some CTEC c1.01 to have a working concentration between 5 % and  max. 20 %.
  • Bring the bath at level by adding water.
  • Wait until the wash water is at the correct working temperature, ie 45 °C.
  • Both machine and filled bath are now ready for use.
CTEC c1.01

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