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Cleaning product for cars and trucks.

CTEC CW is a very fast and efficient acting cleaning product specifically designed for the cleaning of cars and trucks.

Product specifications

  • It does not attack aluminum and windows if used according to the recommended dilution.
  • Is used for cold/hot cleaning with high pressure equipment, manual and for damping of carwashes.
  • Cleans bodywork surfaces without scratching.
  • Has to be diluted with water and has a water softened effect.
  • Has no irritating fumes and is phosphate free.
  • Has a pleasant and fresh citrus scent.
  • Available in drums of 28 kg and 224 kg and containers of 1050 kg.

Instructions for use

  • Dilute with water, at least 1 % to 5 % for manual use.
  • Spray the surfaces with a sprayer and/or foam gun and let it react for a few minutes. Don't let the product dry on the surface that is to be cleaned.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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