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The derusting product CTEC DEOX is a neutral liquid suitable to remove rust from steel parts in a spray pressure cleaning machine, transit tunnel, brush machine, ultrasonic installation or a combination of these machines.

Product specifications

  • CTEC DEOX can be used in each wash bath of steel, on the condition that it is adapted to the working temperature, which is between 60 and 80 °C.
  • Available in drums of 28 kg or 224 kg and containers of 1050 kg.

Instructions for use

  • Fill the washing bath for 80 % with water.
  • Heat the bath at a temperature of 60 °C.
  • Add some CTEC DEOX to have a working concentration between 5 % and 10 %, according to the degree of oxidation.
  • Bring the bath at level by adding water.
  • Wait until the water is at the correct working temperature, ie 60 °C.
  • Both machine and filled bath are now ready for use.

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