Industrial cleaning according to requirements - Metal cleaning

Metal parts are often used in the production processes in various industrial sectors. Examples may be the automotive industry, cosmetics, aviation, the metallurgical industry, maintenance and transport. These machines and parts require industrial cleaning to be able to work optimally. Effective industrial cleaning not only means the optimisation of your product, you also improve its safety

Which cleaning products are used?

There are generally different sources of soiling, so there are also numerous cleaning products available. Examples include anti-foam, anti-corrosion, alkaline, and acid cleaning products.

Our anti-foam products ensure control of foaming detergents. These cleaning products can be based on silicones, surfactant and oil. If there are corrosion problems in steel parts, consider using our anti-corrosion cleaning products.

Our alkaline cleaning products are highly suitable for degreasing metals. These cleaning products have a high pH value. Finally, there are also acid cleaning products that are mainly used for the removal of lime and rust.

How can CTEC help with your industrial cleaning?

CTECT is synonymous with technological industrial cleaning. You can go to CTEC for the industrial cleaning of your production processes. We offer the solution to any cleaning problem according to your needs. Our comprehensive knowledge of chemistry also allows us to offer you ecological and effective cleaning products.

Are you in search of the right industrial cleaning for you? Get in touch with us today! We will find the industrial cleaning that perfectly meets your needs.

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