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LX 1300


LX 1300 is a powdery, mild alkaline detergent, which removes difficult, pigment contenting dirt, and which is, nevertheless, safe for sensitive metals.


  • Does not foam
  • LX 1300 can be used in all types of spray cleaning machines and also in circulating cleaning.
  • No corrosion of aluminium, brass, copper, and other sensitive metals.
  • Biologically decomposable.


  • Spray cleaning:
    When working with spray pressure cleaning machines, one can suffice with 2-5 minutes cleaning at 80° C, for removing e.g. polishing paste, in a solution of 3 % CTEC LX 1300 (30 gr/l water). After a swill with hot water, the objects are ready for immediate galvanization. When cleaning spare parts of diesel engines, etc. one should lengthen the cleaning to 10 minutes.
  • Immersion cleaning:
    For immersion cleaning, one should use a solution of 5 % CTEC LX 1300 (50 gr/l water) at a temperature of 80-90° C, and at a cleaning time of 60 minutes with normal immersion plunge baths.
LX 1300

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