LX 300


LX 300 is a neutral, odorless and clear degreasing fluid for cold-degreasing, especially developed for the metal-working and electro-technical industries, for the removal of oils, fatty matter, soil, cutting and drilling oils from metal objects, sheet metal, parts of engines and machinery, mechanical equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, electro engines, etc.

Because of its odourless character, LX 300 is extremely suitable for companies, work shops, repair shops, on ships and everywhere where special requirements are  applied about the absence of badly smelling vapours of degreasing products. An extra advantage of the LX 300 is its high flashpoint.

Product specifications LX 300

  • Does not contain any acid or alkaline ingredients.
  • Not aggressive.
  • Free of chlorinated hydrocarbons: no danger of stupefaction.
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Free of benzene, hexane, tetrachlorinecarbon, perchlorethylene, trichloroethylene.
  • Evaporates slowly.  
  • Not corrosive.  


  • Odorless and safe degreaser
  • Environmentally friendly: no ozone depletion
  • Suitable for all surfaces: LX 300 does not affect metal, plastic, insulation material, rubber and existing paint coats.
  • Suitable for almost all dirt
  • Good cleaning power
  • Recycling possible
  • Economical in use (cost saving)

Operating instructions

  • For degreasing and cleaning LX 300 is used cold by means of brushing, spraying or dipping, or a combination of these actions. Big objects can be sprayed. It is better to spray a thin jet than to create a haze. 
  • Degreasing can also be effected in a cleaning machine, provided with a properly fitting cover, pneumatic or other agitation, spray guns and a good exhausting system. In simple immersion plants, the cleaning effect can be increased by air injection, brushing or spraying. Close the immersion bath when it is not used.
  • In many cases, LX 300 can also be used in a solvent component cleaning table for fast degreasing of parts.
  • Wear good rubber or plastic gloves to prevent degreasing of the skin. Do not use the product in the proximity of an open fire, do not smoke when working with the product, do not heat the product. Always provide an adequate ventilation. Do not treat objects which have the same or a higher temperature than the flashpoint of LX 300.
LX 300

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