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Micro-glass beads

Application micro-glass bead LX 5000

All metal surfaces can be treated with the micro-glass beads LX 5000.

Micro-glass blasting without sanding influence

  • Cleaning without sanding influence.
  • The surface will not be attacked without removing the pure metal.
  • Sharp flanges are not reformed without crusting.
  • No off sizes.
  • For anti-reflecting or decorative treatment.

Improvement of work pieces through hammering

  • Increasing of the resistance against fatigue, cracking and corrosion.
  • Elimination of the tensions after mechanical processing.
  • Make the crystalline structures homogeneous.
  • Allow a better lubrication (greasing).

Advantages micro-glass beads

  • These beads can be used through not specialized workers.
  • Blasting without dust.
  • Blasting without ventilation.
  • Blasting without complicated tools.
  • Blasting without danger for silicon.
  • Blasting without corrosive or toxic baths.

Free advice

We are always at your service for more information about the choice of the abrasive and the bead size for your application.


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