Own lab

Because quality control, project management and continuous improvement are of paramount importance for us, we have thoroughly invested in a private laboratory. Our lab is provided with extensive analytical equipment which we use to analyze bath samples and examine the different components.


Analytical instruments

In our laboratory, we work with the following analytical instruments:

  • HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography)
    With this instrument, we can examine the majority of the components in a bath sample separately. We can study the surfactants and corrosion inhibitors qualitatively and quantitatively and dose if necessary. This translates into a washing bath of which the washing power is assured and corrosion is avoided.
  • IC (ion chromatograph):
    This instrument is similar to the operation of a HPLC, but allows us to see other components in the detergent matrix. With the IC, we can specifically look at a number of components and thus ensure an optimal washing process.
  • Infrared spectroscope:
    With this instrument, we can analyze the dirt present on the parts which have to be cleaned. By infrared spectroscopy, we can look at the type of contamination, which chains are present and how to remove it.

Thanks to this private lab, we are able to develop specific, tailor-made cleaning products.

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