Production facility

CTEC has its own production facility

Having our own production facility ensures us to have full control over all steps of the production process. All raw materials are subjected to an entry control in our lab and are provided with a unique barcode.


Fully automatic and PLC controlled for a continuous perfect quality

After the raw materials have been approved, the actual production process can start. For this, we have invested in a state-of-the-art production facility, fully automatic and PLC controlled. Various built-in checks ensure that human errors are eliminated, allowing a continuous, perfect quality.


Direct traceability by batch control

We have two mixing tanks, one of 2500 L. and one of 300 L. These two tanks give us flexibility, so that small batches can also be produced. Before the drums or containers are filled, each batch is checked in our lab, in order to ensure the best quality. Each batch is provided with a unique batch number. This guarantees direct traceability.


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