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Pink aluminum oxide

Types of aluminium oxide

We have two kinds of aluminium oxide in our range, pink and white corundum:

Description of the LX 5200 pink corundum

The LX 5200 is a rose aluminium oxide, melted in an electric furnace. These beads contain a very small quantity of impurities, but they do not damage the polishing force of the product, linked to his crystallization.

Application pink aluminum oxide

The rose aluminium oxide LX 5200 is very appropriate for the surface treatment by means of compressed air blasting for metallization, enameling and painting.

The weak quantity of Fe203 makes sure that this product (LX 5200) is extremely appropriate for the treatment of non ferrous metals.

The beads of the LX 5200 renew their beat edges during their use. This influences the efficiency of the recycled beads.

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Rosa Aluminiumoxid

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