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Plastic beads

Description plastic bead LX 5250

The LX 5250 is chemic inert. It is an ecofriendly product in comparison with other toxic chemical products. Because of this, chemical toxic waste is reduced considerably.

Application plastic beads

The plastic bead LX 5250 is a perfect blasting medium for surface treatment and cleaning in the aviation.

Plastic beads, also “dry-stripping” called, are appropriate for each application where very high standard norms are obliged.

These beads meet the high requirements of the aircraft industry, thanks to the carefully selected substances and very high quality controls.

Our plastic beads are made of granular amine resin. The sharp particles remove lacquer (paint), pollution and other coatings, while the integrity of the substrate remains. Due to this, delicate surfaces, like aluminium, magnesium, composed materials, etc. can be treated too, without being subjected to any form of lesion or damaging of the material.

Advantages plastic bead LX 5250

  • No toxic chemicals.
  • Enormous reduction of environmental and health risks.
  • Reduction of man power and production and waste treatment costs.
  • Continuous recycling of the blasting media during the use is a big economic factor.
  • Constant high quality of the blasting media.
  • No damaging or deformation of material erosion with delicate substrates.
  • A width scale of user possibilities thanks to the different kinds of hardness and bead dimensions.

Free advice

We are always at your service for more information about the choice of the abrasive and the bead size for your application.


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